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11 July, 2013 21:55

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Bismillaahir ragmaan nir rageem

My apologies for the looooong break between posts.

Firstly: RAMADHAAN KAREEM. May the Almighty make this month a fruitful one and answer our duahs InshaAllah.

Secondly: JUMU’AH MUBARAK. May we be given Hidaayat and Taqwa InshaAllah.

So, it being Ramadhaan I was thinking I could offer some words of inspiration. Ramadhaan being a holy month; a time when we should reflect and nearer ourselves to our Lord and Creator. A time for compassion and for grattitude of the blessings اللَّهِ has bestowed upon us.

I found the following Poem online it can be sourced at Islamic Reflections through the facebook page of Sister Xenia Yasmin.

Oh اللَّهِ I have no money but I have you, I am rich.
Oh اللَّهِ I have no freedom but I believe in you. I am free. Oh اللَّهِ I have no patience but I read your Qur’an. I am calm. Oh اللَّهِ I get no respect but you listen to my duah. I am proud. Oh اللَّهِ I have no time but I think of Jannah. I have forever. Oh اللَّهِ I have much time but I look at your signs. I have today. Oh اللَّهِ I feel so weak but I fast Ramadan. I am strong.
Oh اللَّهِ I feel so tired but I make dua. I open my eyes.
Oh اللَّهِ I feel so dirty but I repent to you. I am cleansed. Oh اللَّهِ I feel so depressed but I remember you. I am at peace. Oh اللَّهِ I feel so lost but I follow your commandments. I am safe. Oh اللَّهِ nobody listens but you never turn your back on me. I AM GRATEFUL!

Subhaanallah! I will upload some pics and more inspirational messages and poems soon InshaAllah.

Please feel free to share some if you like… 🙂

Have a blessed Jumu’ah and keep me in your duahs.

أسسلام عليكم ورحمةالله وبركات

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